Carolina & Jordan- Pacific Palisades, California Backyard Wedding

I got the opportunity to capture two celebrations of the marriage of Jordan and Carolina. This was the second wedding that was held in the California, where Jordan is from. I was also there for their super romantic wedding in the little town of Tarragona, Spain where Carolina is from.

This wedding shouldn't be categorized as your "average" backyard wedding as this house and location was a SHOW STOPPER! Jordan's family house overlooks the ocean, Santa Monica pier, and the rolling hills of California....and it just takes your breath away. The house is just as gorgeous with a very modern and open feel.

My favorite part of this wedding was just the beautiful atmosphere of love and laughter that surrounded this couple. It was an intimate ceremony with sincere vows of two becoming one. After they finalized their ceremony with a kiss, guests were able to come speak on behalf of the couple. The place was full of smiles and laughter as we heard stories about their childhood and how they got to where they are today. You can see the joy radiate from Carolina's face.

When the sun went down everyone partied under the stars and talked the night away. It was an amazing wedding for a couple that was meant to be!