Holiday Truck Limited Edition Sessions


We will be hosting our holiday truck for one day only. Our holiday truck will be available at Ridley Creek State Park on November 4th. After your portrait session you will come into our studio (1814 S Valley Forge Rd Norristown PA) for your reveal session and see all of your amazing portraits! After you book, you will get an email with information and tips to prepare for your session as well as a link to pick the best date to come in for your reveal. I will also personally call you to make sure you know what to expect with working with Ray of Sunshine Photography and answer any questions. The reveal sessions will take place on November 10th, 16th, and 18th.

Creative Session Fee

The creative session fee is $49 plus tax. This includes your opportunity to have an exclusive holiday truck which will last 15 minutes. You will come in for a reveal/ordering appointment at our studio following your portraits. There will be a slideshow of 15-25 hand edited images to view. From there we will look at the different product samples and help guide you in picking your favorite images to be printed! Your creative session fee does not include any prints, digital files, or other products.

The Portraits

Most clients invest an average of $750 on their portrait sessions. However we do not have a minimum purchase requirement, so if you don’t love your photos you are not obligated to make a purchase. Please click here for our complete holiday pricing guide.

Erin Morell